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Welcome to TMAC Entertainment’s
home on the Internet

Our company was established in 1998 to provide entertainment services to the greater Houston community. TMAC offers a variety of talents, which allows for expansive service selections, including weddings, company events, private parties and school dances.

Meet the Owner & Entertainment Specialist


Roy Dueitt

With more than 20 years of experience in the business, Roy Dueitt, founder and senior entertainment specialist, has also served as the president of the Houston Chapter of American Disc Jockey Association. He ensures that TMAC Entertainment is always customer-focused and works with clients to tailor their events to their individual needs. Roy believes in continuing education and attends seminars, conferences and workshops in an effort to provide the very best entertainment for his clients. Roy also works with ProFX INC. and is part of the Friday Night Fireworks team for the Houston Astros. 

TMAC Entertainment has earned the Bridal Extravaganza’s Award of Excellence acknowledging our continued interest in upholding the credibility of the Greater Houston Area Wedding Industry. Roy Dueitt was awarded the 2007 American Disc Jockey Association’s Michael Butler Humanitarian award. Roy was the president of the Houston Chapter of the American Disc Jockey Association in 2007 when they won the ADJA Chapter of the year award. 

Services we offer


Rentals & Up lighting




Photo Booths


Balloon Décor


DJ Services

Roy Dueitt of TMAC Entertainment is a proud member of the American Disc Jockey Association and BENG, Montgomery County. 

For information on booking a date,

call Roy Dueitt at


What our clients are saying